British Values

At St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School, we value and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of all pupils, families and the school community. We aim to help give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens.  In doing so, allows pupils to leave our school prepared for life in modern day Britain by incorporating the British Values into their everyday lives.

Our school aims at St Elizabeth are linked to our 4 R’s which are Responsibility, Relationships, Respect and Resilience. This also links the British Values that we uphold at school so that we can ensure our pupils:

  • Show responsibility as individuals to ensure that they follow the Rule of Law within our school adhering to the school rules and also understand the law which is applicable in England.
  • Show respect and build relationships through democracy and allow all pupils to have a voice and ensure that their voices can be heard and their opinions can be respected.
  • Have an awareness of showing resilience and actively encouraging pupils to be given the freedom to make choices in a safe environment. This also allows children to have extra learning challenges across the curriculum and to also participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • Learn about all different faiths, cultures and traditions and respect and celebrate these events within our school and the wider community.

We are dedicated to an anti-racist approach to teaching and learning in line with our Racial Justice Equality and Diversity (RJED) values. Each year group learns about an inspirational black and ethnic minority role model as part of their weekly learning. In addition to this, throughout the year we celebrate and learn about various cultures and also celebrate a number of events such as; Languages Day, International Day and Black History Month celebrations.

We ensure that our whole school values are embedded across the school curriculum including cross curricular learning among our SMSC and Religious Education lessons.Classroom practices such as codes of behaviour and the discussion of issues during regular circle time and also through Acts of Worship ensure that our pupils have opportunities to learn about respect, relationships and the Rule of Law.