Catholic Life

Catholic Calendar 2022-23

“This month at Saint Elizabeth, we came together to crown Mary (and her Son, Jesus), offer flowers and write prayers. The ceremony reminded us that the greatest in the kingdom are those who serve with love. Our Lord himself came to serve and not to be served, and Our Lady was the humble servant of the Lord when she was on earth. Now, in the glory of heaven, she is still the God‐bearer who cares about our salvation; she is the minister of holiness and queen of love.”

“As part of our commitment as Caritas Ambassadors, we decided to take each of our efforts working together in our community to care for creation by litter picking rubbish in our local park (Victoria Park). At Saint Elizabeth, our focus on the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teaching, encourages us to think, be and see the world as we know God wants it to be.”