Mr Tim O'Sullivan

Foundation Governor

Term: 17th Oct. 2019 to 16th Oct. 2023

I am currently the chair of governors. I live in Hackney with my wife and 2 sons, both of whom attended the school. We live in the parish of St John the Baptist. I am dedicated to helping the school play its part in the community and ensure it provides a safe, caring, catholic environment with the best learning and life experiences to enable our children to thrive.

Fr David Evans

Foundation Vice Chair

Term: 31st Aug. 2021 to 31st Aug. 2024

I am a foundation governor at St Elizabeth. I am currently the Parish Priest of St John the Baptist, Hackney and the Dean of the Borough of Hackney. I maintain close links with the school and pupils past and present and am also involved strategically as vice-chair of governors and through work on sub committees, hearings and Headteacher Performance Management and the celebration of Mass.

Fr Justin Kasereka

Foundation Governor

Term: 1st Feb. 2022 to 31st Aug. 2025

I am from the Order of the Augustinians of the Assumption who have been serving Bethnal Green Parish since its foundation in 1901. I am the current Parish Priest.

Sister Dolores Bourke

Foundation Governor

Term: 1st Sept. 2020 to 31st Aug. 2024

I am a Religious Sister and a member of the congregation for the Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle. For over fifty years I have been involved in Catholic education, as a teacher, in Birmingham and Yorkshire and also as a head teacher in South-West London. I am particularly interested in the value of Catholic education and the happiness, welfare and satisfaction of pupils and staff.

Mrs Stephanie Lieber


Term: 17th Oct. 2019 to 16th Oct. 2023

I am a parishioner at Our Lady of the Assumption Bethnal Green and became a Foundation Governor at St Elizabeth in 2011. This gave me an opportunity to use my finance & governance skills in assisting St Elizabeth to help each child achieve their potential. I am Director of Programmes at a social mobility charity.

Mr Edward English

Foundation Governor

Term: 1st Sept. 2021 to 31st Aug. 2025

As a parishioner of Our Lady of the Assumption I am delighted to serve as a Foundation Governor.

I have followed a career in IT but have a keen interest in education, gaining a degree with The Open University.
In my parish I lead the Readers Group including the training and encouragement of young readers.

I have travelled to Lourdes as a volunteer over many years and have assisted with youth groups there to provide care and assistance to pilgrims requiring help. I am dedicated to maintaining the Catholic vision and character of the School.

Mrs Fiona Faulkner

Staff Governor

Term: 18th Dec. 2020-18th Dec. 2024

I have been the Staff Governor at St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School since December 2020. In addition I am a Senior Leader at the school and a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee. I have been working at the school as a class teacher since 2012. I am proud to be a member of staff at St Elizabeth because of the inclusive school community and the high educational standards we instill in our children. The school’s vision of inspiring and achieving lifelong learning is a passion of mine. My aim is to support the school in its vision to provide an outstanding education for all.

Mr John Grim

Parent Governor

Term: 14th Mar. 2020 to 13th Mar. 2024

Putting my time and energy to improving children’s education is a real passion of mine. I am a caring and dedicated person by nature and having run various successful businesses over the last 15 years, I believe I have the skills and experience to support St Elizabeth School to keep improving the children’s education. I will make fundraising for the school a priority and acknowledge Parents/Teachers/Pupils concerns and address out of date equipment so our children have a bright future.

Ms Louise Power

Parent Governor

Term: 14th Mar. 2020 to 13th Mar. 2024

I have a child that attends St Elizabeth school and I wanted to become a school governor to see how I can make a difference in developing the school using my expertise and experience. I also wanted to gain governance and board experience and I thought a school is a good place to start. I started a business when I was a single mother and one of my passions is to empower women and support them to have more access to upskilling and access to education and entrepreneurship. I am also an advocate for more diversity on boards and a Trustee of a charity called Changing the Chemistry.

Miss Janee Nyinabarinzi

Parent Governor

Term: 9th Jul. 2021 to 8th Jul. 2025

I am one of the new parent Governor’s at St Elizabeth School. I live in Lime House with my partner and two children both of whom have attended this school. I am very keen on building strong relationships in our community and also support our school’s workforce create an environment that would enable our children maintain a reasonable level of care and well being where they will be safe, learn, enjoy and achieve their their goals.

Ms Angelina John


Started: 1st Sept 2013  

I have been involved in Catholic Education as an Executive Headteacher, Headteacher, Senior Leader, Teacher and Governor for over twenty-five years. I am currently Executive Headteacher of St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Blessed Sacrament Primary School in Islington. I have worked in a variety of Catholic Primary schools and supported many non-faith schools in my role as Advanced Skills Teacher for the Local Authority. I am passionate about education, ensuring our young people and future leaders have as many rich and inspiring opportunities as possible. I seek to nurture young people who are highly aspirational with skills, qualifications and experience to realise their ambitions.

Mrs Jane Ware


Started: 4th Jan 2022 

Jane Ware has worked at Hackney Education for two years as a Clerk, and has a background in senior administration in the public sector, specifically child protection.

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