Home Learning

At St Elizabeth Primary School, we offer a rich and varied curriculum, designed to both broaden children’s experiences and enhance their academic achievement. We recognise that school is not the only place where children learn. The experiences that children get at home, through clubs and family time is of utmost value to their development as well rounded young citizens.

It is for this reason that our homework programme is designed to enhance children’s learning experiences, rather than encroach on family time.

Purpose Of Homework

  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly with basic skills and the creative elements of the curriculum;
  • To provide an opportunity for parents/carers to become involved in the academic development of their child;
  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly with basic skills and the creative elements of the curriculum;
  • To explore resources for learning, of all kinds, at home;
  • To provide an enjoyable and purposeful supplement to class work;
  • To extend school learning, for example, through additional reading;
  • To encourage pupils, to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study independently.

Our Philosophy To Homework

In consultation with parents/carers and pupils, we have agreed on the following. While this is adapted for each phase, the key principles are the same:

  • Daily reading practice
  • A half termly “Homework Grid” that offers a number of different activity options, linked to current class topics. Each activity earns a given number of points (2-6). Certificates will be given to pupils at the end of the half term who achieves key milestones for Bronze, Silver and Gold. There will be a mid-point check set and a final deadline set for Teachers to monitor homework and provide feedback. The children will be given an exercise book/paper to complete their homework project in. Completed homework projects will be due just before half term, where the points will be added up and will also contribute towards their House.
  • Additional Literacy and Maths homework is offered to parents who request it from the Class Teacher, which is aimed at supporting and reinforcing the work carried out in class that week. This will be uploaded weekly onto Google Classroom. Please note this work will not need to be handed into the Teacher and will not be marked.

Pupils With Special Educational Needs

Children with special educational needs are set homework that reflects their ability. Home learning tasks related to practising basic skills must be differentiated by the Teacher according to the child’s ability.

Homework Club

A homework club is available for pupils from Year 2-6 after school to support children in completing their homework. Homework club is open to all children but can support children who find completing their homework difficult, find it hard to find a quiet place to work at home or have problems finding resources.