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Parent Govenors

Parent Governor Election

Dear Parents/Carers,
RE: Would you - or someone you know - like to be a Parent Governor?
The Instrument of Government of the School Governing Body requires 3 places for Parent Governors.
At the moment there are 2 vacancies and on behalf of the Board of Governors, I am writing to ask
whether you would like to send in an application - for yourself or another parent.
The application form is attached to this letter. All you need do is to fill in the form, including a short
statement about yourself and a passport sized photograph and return it to the school office in a
sealed envelope addressed to Ceri Walker (Senior Admin Officer) by Monday 24 February 2020.
Details of those who have applied will be sent to all parents by Friday 28 February 2020. An election
will be held if there are more applications than the 2 vacancies and every parent will be able to
Parent Governors are elected for up to four years and may continue to be a governor after their
children have left the school. Other members of the Governing Body include elected Teachers and
Support Staff, Local Authority Governors and Foundation Governors (who are appointed by the
The Governing Body has an important role; it oversees, with the Headteacher, the development of
the school in order to ensure that children have the best education possible while they are at St
Elizabeth Catholic Primary School. It discusses how the money is to be spent, agrees the aims and
school policies, makes plans for the future and ensures that decisions are followed through.
The Governing Body works as a team, in partnership with the Headteacher and other stakeholders to
promote continuous improvement in the performance of the school. Governors are volunteers but
may claim for expenses such as travel or childcare, by agreement with the other Governors.
Meetings are held six times a year and most Governors are also a member of a Sub-Committee
which meet every half term and considers matters in more detail.
Applications can be collected from the school office or downloaded from our website.
We do hope that you will think about becoming a Parent Governor. If you would like more
information, please do not hesitate to contact Ceri Walker (Senior Admin Officer) at the school office.
Yours sincerely,

Angelina John
On behalf of the Governing Body of St. Elizabeth Catholic Primary School.

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