St Elizabeth Catholic School

Our Values

As a Catholic school with strong Christian values we actively support and promote a value-based education. By living out our 4Rs – relationships, resilience, responsibility and respect, we encourage the whole school community to:

  • Think about and reflect upon positive Christian, British and Universal values
  • Experience how living out these values impacts on themselves and others, in school, in the wider community and in the world
  • Instil a sense of belonging to the school, the local community, the country they live in and the wider global community
  • Inspire individuals to choose their own positive personal social, moral and spiritual values
  • Promote an inclusive school ethos and a learning climate that will raise aspirations and achievement
  • Raise children’s self-esteem and encourage them to take more responsibility for their own behaviour and learning

At St Elizabeth, we strive to equip our pupils with the necessary skills to demonstrate how they actively promote and embed the Christian and British values as well as the critical thinking skills to challenge values and concepts contrary to fundamental British values.

We believe that Christian values and British values are not mutually exclusive. The recognition that all people are to be valued regardless of beliefs, background or ethnic origin is reflected in the school’s Equality Statement and deeply rooted in the school’s Mission Statement and Aims.

The school actively promotes Christian and British values and makes considerable efforts to ensure children have exposure to a wide experience beyond their local community. Subsequently, these concepts can be applied to personal experience and be further demonstrated through sporting events, visits, involvement with fund raising, and charity 

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