St Elizabeth Catholic School

Our Vision & Equalities statement


that are positive,happy and confident


where successful learners get through challenges


so our young people see the bigger picture


for our community,world and people

As a community we work together to create an environment that enables our children to realize their potential and to confidently grow into fulfilled and rounded adults who will make a positive contribution to the world.

We are proud to be able to call this an inclusive school, meaning that we welcome all children and work hard to meet all their needs.

We value a strong relationship with parents as partners in the education process. Working closely with the wider community enables each child to make the best possible progress and to gain maximum benefit from all the opportunities this school offers.

In caring for the pupils and for each other we seek to reflect the image of Jesus who cared for all without distinction. Our caring promotes:

a spirit of tolerance where people of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished; a spirit of listening, mutual understanding, trust, reconciliation, healing and peace.

Religious education is central to the whole school curriculum. Faithful to our Catholic roots we promote a spirit of charity, social justice, global awareness and concern for others that lead to practical outreach and partnerships.

Our school begins the life long process of growth in relationship with Christians and other people. It is an open family in which all are helped and challenged to realise their full potential and to experience the fullness of life in Christ. Our hope is to nurture our pupils into becoming people who will make a positive contribution to the growth of a society built on Christian values inspired by the words of Saint Paul:

Our Vision & Equalities statement
Equalities Statement

As a school we are committed to ensuring that equality principles are embedded within all school policies and procedures, as we endeavour to:

Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Promote equality of access and opportunity within our school and within our wider community.

Promote positive attitudes to difference and good relationships between people with different backgrounds, genders, cultures, faiths, abilities, sexual orientation, and ethnic origins.

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